Prep. 30 mins
Cooking 70 mins
Serving 8
Middle Eastern

INGREDIENTS Measurements


1 Jameed (dried goat yogurt) dried. A piece hand fist size.
8 Cups water
2 Cups vegetables (Onion, carrots, celery), diced
4 Cardamom cloves
4 Bay leaves
3 Cinnamon sticks
1/2 tea spoon cloves seeds
1/2 Whole lamb (small size, about 4 kilos)
Salt and pepper
4 Table spoon oil or (ghee)
1/4 Cup almond, peeled
1/4 Cup pine nuts
3 Cup Egyptian rice
1 tea spoon Turmeric (or saffron, dissolved in warm water)
1/2 3 Cups water
2 Shrak bread (thin Arabic bread)
Parsley, chopped for decoration



  • Crush Jammed until powdered, soak in water (8 cups) for 24 hours or until soft. Stir at least twice during that time.
  • Cut Lamb into big pieces, clean well and pat dry.
  • Heat water in a large pot over medium heat; add vegetables and spices then add meat pieces, simmer for 30 minutes. Skim foam from top as necessary. Then remove meat and set aside (not fully cooked).
  • Place Jameed with soaking water in another pot over medium heat, bring to boil and add the meat pieces.
  • Season with salt and pepper, reduce heat, cover and leave for 60 minutes, stir occasionally until fully cooked.
  • Heat oil in a pot over medium heat, stir almond and pine nuts until golden. Drain on a paper towel.
  • Rinse rice, drain then fry in same oil. Stir for 3 minutes, add turmeric and season with salt, pepper. Stir to combine.
  • Add water, bring to boil over medium heat then reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes or until done.
  • For serving, put the bread in a plate or a tray; pour ½ of jameed stock (resulting from the meat cooking) then add a layer of rice, top with meat and finally pour remaining stock over the whole plate.
  • Top with toasted almond and pine nuts, sprinkle chopped parsley and serve with more jameed.


  • Remaining jameed stock can be served as a side plate, top with ghee and serve with white rice.

  • Instead of jameed, a mixture of yogurt, flour and milk can be used but it won’t give the same traditional taste.

  • Jameed is sold in certain places (in a liquid form) same as (buttermilk). do not soak and use directly.

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