Culinary Consultant

E L Sage Associates Culinary Consultant

Since the formation of “El Sage Associates” in the US for over three decades and later it’s subsidiary companyThe Good taste”based in Dubai, food, equipment, and hospitality businesses have come to Chef Osama for an array of services from food safety and kitchen design to recipe, product and brand development. Our clients have included restaurants, hotels, kitchen appliances, ready meals in supermarkets and international food brands.


El Sage associates has perfected the fine art of presenting a product in videos and photos over decades of experience with televised cooking show production and commercial uses of footage.

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Product Development

Innovation is the essence of success. Chef Osama assists clientele in the development of ideas and novel uses for foods that reflect the culture of a progressive company.

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Business Development | Expansion

Chef Osama has vast experience in the area of business development. He assists clients in defining their target market and setting goals in the process of building a sustainable business.

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Concept & Brand Creation

Chef Osama provides expert guidance in creating concepts through firsthand knowledge of consumer needs and market trends. He offers insight into nearly four decades of experience in the food and hospitality arena.

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Cost Management

Cost Management, Having control over food and labor costs leads to profitability. Balancing expenses and quality requires adherence to a cost management system.

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Recipe & Menu Development

Menus are important and particularly vital to the success of a restaurant and recipes are a basic signature element along with ambiance, staffing, and other aspects.

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