The date palm and its fruit, a staple since prehistoric times in its native North Africa and Arabia, an ideal convenience food for the desert nomads; today, arid areas of California and Arizona produce dates. The many varieties fall into three categories: soft fruit with high moisture content, relatively less sugar and mild flavor, semisoft with low moisture, higher sugar content, but aromatic flavor; and dry varieties, hard and high in sugar, rarely imported to the United States.

Doigts de Fatma

‘’The fingers of Fatima,’’a Tunisian appetizer of meat, cheese and such, wrapped in malsouka.


Dry roasted mixture of crushed nuts and spices, such as hazelnuts with coriander, cumin and sesame seeds, eaten with bread dipped in olive oil, for breakfast or snack

Date Paste

Is a puree of dates to which sesame seeds and cardamoms have been added. Commonly used as a filling in most Arabic cookies and it's called Agwa in Arabic.
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