Storing Fruits and Vegetables in the Fridge

There are three categories for fruits and vegetables when it comes to refrigeration: items that should not be refrigerated, those that should be refrigerated in mild/moderate temperature and those that can be stored in the coolest part of the fridge without damaging the item.

1. Prone to chill damage. The following should not be refrigerated. If you do, they are subject for dehydration, internal browning or internal and external cavity.

Tropical fruits (mangoes, pineapples may be refrigerated up to two days only when ripe)



Pickling cucumbers

2. Chill sensitive. These should not be stored below 37 F.

Any snap beans


Citrus fruits (grape fruits, oranges, limes)

Fresh corn on the cob

3. Not prone to chill-damage. These can be stored in the coolest part of the fridge (provided that the temperature does not freeze the item).


Other leafy greens



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