Adding a little spice:

Being a recent college graduate, living at home as a bachelor can be sometimes is a bit boring, and I could be looking for something to spice things up a little, in the kitchen that is. Eating home cooked food is a rarity as a bachelor but when I do I hope to create something as close to a masterpiece as possible. If I were to go grocery shopping once a week and decide to pick a new dish to make every week that I have not attempted before, that would be 52 new dishes to create in a year. Expanding my horizons to new cuisines and flavors, from biryani one week and lasagna the next, now a day all you need is the internet to find a new recipe and your local grocery store. It is not just healthier cooking for yourself but also a way to travel from the convenience of your kitchen, not to mention a lot less expensive. Creating a new dish every week can also cause a stir amongst close ones, you will be finding yourself opening a small restaurant accommodating to several people looking to try the new delectable delights. So before you go grocery shopping next time look up something new and simple you can try to create whether for your family, close friends, or by yourself the new cuisines will truly bring a new vitality to the kitchen and dinner table. -Bon Appetit!

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