Why I am so hungry?

Chef Osama El Sayed

 Many of us have tried to diet before, it could be very tough. From avoiding your favorite snacks, to meals we have at the dinner table filled with all types of comfort foods. One trick to keeping yourself from temptations and keeping you fit is to stay full longer after meals. Of course we can say the best way would be to have a very large meal, but we are speaking on how to keep healthy eating habits during the day. If you want to stay satisfied longer which is key to weight control you must concentrate on a trio that can do the trick which are: protein, healthy fats and fiber.  Here are a few examples of what to eat and what you should avoid:

First off are the foods that will keep you full:
Soup: Foods that are full of water can keep a person full for longer, and when a meal is started with soup the full sensation sent from the brain is delivered to the body, by the time the second serving begins your half way full at least. The best soups for healthy eats are broth based and fiber-rich veggies.
Eggs: Breakfast how you start the day off, the most important time in any ones diet, of course the best solution would be to have eggs. Having one egg would provide 6 grams of protein for breakfast less than 100 calories in one egg is an easy way to start the day well. Having an egg in the morning will first provide energy for the day but also protein helps keep a person not hungry. 
Beans and Lentil: The proteins in lentil and beans of all types carry at least 7 grams of protein per half cup, but another advantage you get when you eat lentil and beans is that they are high in complex carbohydrates, which takes the digestive system more time to break down which would deny the brain in telling your body that “Your Hungry!”
Foods that make you Hungry:
Foods with processed, sugary carbohydrates such as cookies, Cereal, and crackers as they tend to cause hunger.
Good luck on your diet and I hope this could help.

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