It does more than just the body good

Chef Osama El Sayed


When a person is feeling hungry or thirsty they usually feel it in their body, whether its your mouth being dry to give you the idea of being thirsty or your stomach grumbling telling you to EAT SOMETHING. So when we do get something to eat or drink, its to fulfill that sense but we tend to forget that the brain is sending these messages to the body since it too highly relies on a healthy diet and not just our bodies to work at its optimal level and development. It is known that our bodies need a certain amount of water, as an athlete it can cause rapid muscle fatigue. In fact the number one reason for daytime is due to insufficient hydration. But hydrating yourself also influences the chemical balance released into the systems of your body; having access to sufficient amounts of water can result in a 2% decrease in cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone in the human body which is a good chemical for the short term since it heightens our sense! s but in the long term causes major stress, so decreasing cortisol in the body will decrease stress. Keeping well hydrated throughout the day is vital to a point where even a 1% decrease in body water can influences both the cognitive and physical performance. 
Now when choosing the rite foods to eat to optimize the brain usage we look at several of the different possible snacks and meals. For example an teenage brain would need a snack about every 45 to 75 minutes in order to supply the brain with a necessary level of glucose, brain function can suffer when blood glucose concentration become low. Combining a protein with a complex carbohydrate could be seen as an ideal snack such as fruits like pears apples and raisins, hummus and pita, granola, cheese and whole wheat crackers, and even peanuts or peanut butter on whole wheat. These eating and hydrating tips will especially influential on an exam day or a day for a presentation. 


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