A New Year State of Mind

Chef Osama El Sayed

 As we approach the New Year many of us tend to contemplate on the past one, all of the good times, how much us and our families changed, perhaps the struggles as well we all have our own personal traditions. But one tradition many of us have are the promises we make on that first day of the New Year, as many call it the “New Year Resolution”, surprisingly we do it every year and not to be the negative type many of us fall short of that promise. I for one have fell short of my yearly goal to exercise regularly, I find myself like so many others signing up for the gym on the first week and continue to go until month 2 or 3 where it starts to slow down. By June spider webs and dust have made their home on my new gym apparel, I tell myself at least my gym gear is coming to some type of purpose. 

But with this New Year of 2014 approaching we all should feel enthusiastic that it’s an opportunity to change some of the habits we can do without, and make time for the things that we need to strive for. What should be done is that goal, that decision, that idea that we have on the first day of the New Year should be implemented immediately and not be pushed to 2015, as it will be tough but that will make us stronger and able to strive for other goals. My final word would be to not think it will be easy, but for the effort put into whatever goal you have will motivate you anything else in the future. I hope you all have a Happy New Year.   

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