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 Although I have been interacting with my audience for quite some time to share my culinary experience with my viewers, I am still receiving numerous inquiries and well-whishes from those who watch my shows. I am thankful for having your interest channeled to me in many different ways and I am excited to say that we finally have a blog area to communicate directly with me.

It is of my best interest to be able to answer all your questions but I cannot promise that I will be on my laptop 24x7. One thing that is common among chefs is there is so little time, so much to do! 
Soon, I will be inviting colleagues and friends to be my guest bloggers. They are thrilled to be able to take part with your queries.  I’ll keep everyone posted for more developments. So feel free to send me your questions, if there are questions that are too difficult to answer, I’m sure there are some of you who are reading this right now have the answers in mind. I encourage you to share.

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